How a team of 4 engineers pulled off 14 million+ gigs 🚀 in 2020

Hi! This blog describes our journey of how in January 2020, we started with 4 Gig Jobs on GigIndia’s App and ended up in December 2020 with 150+ Gig jobs live.

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GigIndia’s Tech

In Dec 2019, we used to make a Gig Job live on our Android app once in 15 days, and then highly curated giggers (our workforce) use to do gigs.

Gig Job : Work provided by our customer which can be distributed into smaller micro jobs (gig ).

Gig: A unit of work (micro job) which can be completed by an individual with certain amount of training and get paid for each gig completed.

Before :

With our traditional native android development strategy, we used to make hardly 3–4 gig jobs live on the app in a month which only resulted in about 10–20k gigs.

Our Sales team was overwhelmed by a lot of business inquiries demanding around 15–20 new gig jobs to go live on our app within a month. Our then engineering team had just 2 people ‍👨‍💻 ‍👨‍💻 handling a monolith tech system which enabled only 3–4 gig jobs a month. With constant demand incoming, the team had to make the system suffice the demand.

In January 2020, our engineering team started brainstorming to build our proprietory Gig Creation Engine and GIANT💡 — a microservice-based ecosystem comprising multiple services automating each stage of gig execution making our tech capable of handling millions of gigs in a month compared to 10–20k earlier. We shifted our native strategy to complete web-based development making our deployment cycle, way faster, and achieve more in less time.

After hour-hour-long discussions, multiple flow charts🔖, 100+ coffee cups ☕️, 20+ marker pens 🖍 used to design architectures on the whiteboard, we froze our GIANT system architecture and started development. Within 15 days we had our alpha version ready and in the next 7 days, we were Live.


With this in place, our Operations Managers were suddenly titled Flash Managers as our Gig Creation Engine helped them make Gig Job go live in 15 mins ⚡️⚡️ compared to 15 days back then.

With new jobs getting live on our App and more and more gigs being done by our giggers, our tech started facing scaling issues and our system started burning with server loads. In March 2020, 2 more engineers joined our team and we introduced AI/ML-based quality check systems which enabled only quality gigs to submitted and we were able to handle our load by restructuring our servers.

We saw manifold growth in numbers of gigs done Quarter on Quarter 🎯. And by end of the year, we were able to clock

14 Million gigs and 150+ Gig Jobs live

on our Tech Systems.

Now we’re ready for the next sprint of 100+ Million gigs in 2021.

Also, we’re looking for more such kickass engineers to join our team.

Tip: We like people who say— “I can do it all”, love problem-solving, and also people who don’t have a crush on a single programming language :P. Though we are currently using React, Django and Postgres in our tech stack.

Some other perks

  1. Start deployments in production in the first 2–3 days.💪
  2. Free to use new language/framework, but be the expert in the room.👨‍💻👩‍💻
  3. DIY development process.

Mail at /Apply here

You can reach out to me at

Building GigIndia’s Tech

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